Grain quality characteristics of imported rice in Ghana: Implications for breeding for consumer-preferred varieties

  • M. D. Asante
  • R. K. Bam
  • F. O. Amoako-Andoh
  • E. Annan-Afful


Rice is the fastest growing food source in Ghana. The country, however, imports about 70 per cent of its rice requirement due to low volumes of production and poor grain quality of domestic rice compared to imported ones.  In the study, 10 popular imported rice brands on the Ghanaian market were characterised for grain quality traits including grain dimensions, apparent amylose content, gelatinisation temperature, paste viscosity properties, and aroma using physiochemical properties and DNA markers. The rice brands came from Asia and the USA. The rice type from Asia was found to be Jasmine-styled aromatic long grained with low amylose content and gelatinisation temperature, whereas those of USA were conventional long grain with intermediate amylose content and gelatinisation temperature.  These findings were confirmed through DNA marker analyses, with the rice types from Asia and the USA revealing the presence of the TAC and GCC of the waxy gene SNP haplotypes, respectively. The implication for rice breeding in Ghana is discussed.

Original scientific paper. Received 29 Oct. 14; revised 03 Aug 15.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0855-0042