Quality evaluation of some rice cultivars grown in Ghana

  • J. T. Manful
  • J. K. Akatse


Ten cultivars of locally grown rice were screened for yield and other desirable agronomic characteristics. Their milling characteristics were evaluated by dehusking in a Satake (THU-34A) Testing Rice Husker and polishing in a BSO8A Single Pass Rice Pearler. The physical quality and proximate composition of the cultivars were determined. Cooking characteristics and sensory evaluation were carried out on the samples. Varieties B-189 and IR-72 had the highest average yields. Variety IR-66 had the shortest growth duration with IR-72 recording the lowest plant height. Akpafu variety had good milling characteristics, that is, low level brokens with ITA-304 being most susceptible to breakage. Variaty TOX-3108 had the highest overall cooking and sensory acceptability rating with Akpafu being the least acceptable. The suitability of each variety for various local dishes was also evaluated. Whilst B-189 was good for all local dishes, Akpafu was found to be best

(Ghana Journal of Agricultural Science, 1996, 29(2): 53-58)

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eISSN: 0855-0042