Response of broiler chicks to diets containing varying levels of cashew nut oil and palm oil

  • A. A. Odunsi
  • S. Oyewole


Chemical characterization of palm oil (PO) and cashew nut oil (CNO) involving saponification value, iodine number and degree of acidity were carried out. Both oils were included in diets of starting broilers (0 - 4 weeks) at three levels (10, 25 and 50 g/kg) as energy supplements in replacement of the maize in a basal control diet. At the finisher phase (5 — 8 weeks), the birds were fed a common broiler finisher diet to investigate the carry-over effects of starter dietary treatments on finishing broiler performance. Results indicated that birds fed PO gave comparable performance with those on control diet while increasing levels of CNO resulted in a consistent decrease (P <0.05) in feed intake and weight gain. Mortality and feed efficiency were adversely affected at levels more than 10 g/kg CNO. At the finisher phase, birds on 10 and 25 g/kg CNO had a rapid performance recovery rate which was not markedly evident with the 50 g/kg CNO. It appears that CNO should be neutralized before incorporation in broiler starter diets at levels more than 10 g/kg.

(Ghana Journal of Agricultural Science, 1996, 29(2): 59-64)

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0855-0042