Ghana Journal of Agricultural Science

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Performance of broilers fed enzyme-supplemented tigernut (Cyperus rotundus L.) meal diets

AM Bamgbose, O Awosanya, OT Ojo, AO Oso


A feeding trial was set up to study the effects of replacing maize with tigernut meal (TGN) at 0, 33.33, 66.67 and 100 per cent levels, with 0.10 per cent enzyme supplementation of all levels, on performance characteristics and carcass yield in broiler chicken for 8 weeks (56 days). A total of 200 Anak-2000 breed of broilers were randomly allotted to four experimental diets such that each treatment had two replicates of 25 birds each. Tigernut meal inclusion at 33.33 per cent (Diet 2) with enzyme supplementation resulted in significant final live weight and carcass yield, while tigernut meal significantly (P<0.05) depressed feed intake, weight gain, feed/gain ratio, and carcass yield at 66.67 and 100 per cent replacement levels. Inclusion of TGN significantly (P<0.05) resulted in higher level of fat being deposited in carcass. Inclusion of tigernut meal in the diets did not result in mortality. The results, therefore, showed that TGN could replace up to 33.33 per cent of maize without any detrimental effect on growth performance and carcass characteristics.

Ghana Journal of Agricultural Science Vol. 38, 2005: 89-93
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