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“<i>Striga</i>”, Economic Loss To Crops And The Control Measures In Africa With Particular Reference To Mubi North Local Government Area Of Adamawa State

Yusuf A Jesse


Over many years striga has become a pest of crops in the sudano-sahelian regions and Eastern Africa. This parasitic plant sustains itself while damaging cultivated plants. It causes considerable yield losses of up to 100% in some major field crops. The minute seeds of striga germinate in a few days and cause remarkable losses. An estimated striga infestation of 150 – 150,000 plants was recorded in some farms around Vimtim, Mubi North Local Government Area on 19-22 Dec. 2003. Control measures such as herbicides application, use of resistant varieties, hand pulling of striga, etc are being practised by farmers with little success.

KEY WORDS:- Striga hermonthica, Fireweed, Witch weed, Losses control measures, Mubi, Africa, Vimtim, Africa.

Global Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences Vol.11(2) 2005: 175-178