Global Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences - Vol 11, No 2 (2005)

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Table of Contents


Effects of long-term storage on the quality of soybean, Glycine max (L.) Merrill, in different containers in southern Nigerian
PO Pessu, MN Adindu, OC Umeozor
Storage Methods Of Plantain (Musa sp. AAB) Fruits Influenced Occurrence And Severity Of Crown Rot And Anthracnose Diseases
KP Baiyeri, JB Nwachukwu
Striga”, Economic Loss To Crops And The Control Measures In Africa With Particular Reference To Mubi North Local Government Area Of Adamawa State
Yusuf A Jesse
Comparison Of Six Extractants For Assessing Available Phosphorus, Zinc And Manganese In Selected Nigerian Soils
EA Akinrinde, GO Obigbesan
Microbiological And Organoleptic Changes Associated With Akpu Stored At Ambient Temparature
CC Ogueke, JN Ogbulie
Migration Of Ancylostoma caninum Larvae Into Lungs Of Mice Fed Allium sativum
SO Ugwu-Francis, Oliver I Onyali
Intestinal Helminthiases Among School Children In Gyawana District, Adamawa State, Nigeria
G Chessed, B Kwalagbe, NA Furo
Extractable Micronutrients In Relation To Physico-Chemical Properties Of Soils In Four Ecological Zones Of Nigeria
EA Akinrinde, GO Obigbesan, OA Onanuga
Effects Of Graded Levels Of Ethanolic Piliostigma thonningii Bark Extract On Performance Of Broiler Chicken
BCO Omeke, WS Ezema
Glucose And Hydrocarbon Utilization By Bacteria Isolated From Diesel Impacted Soil In The Niger Delta
Gideon O Abu, Kate O Moro
Reactions Of 5,5\'-Dithiobis(2 -Nitrobenzoate) with CysB5(23)β and CysF9(93)β 0f Duck Major Hemoglobin
NA Adesola Babarinde, J Oyebamiji Babalola, I Ugochukwu Uko
The Effect of Nescafe Brand of Coffee on the Fermentative Activity of Baker\'s Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) On Sucrose
CO Ibegbulem, EN Agomuo, CH Ibeawuchi
Accelerated Stability Study On 2- Hydroxyl-3-(O-Methoxyphenoxy)-1,2-Propanediol-1-Carbamate [Methocarbamol] In Different Solvent Systems
JO Onah, JN Vongtau
Reactions of 5,5\'-dithiobis(2-nitrobenzoate) with CysB5(23)β and CysF9(93)β Of Duck Minor Hemoglobin
NA Adesola Babarinde, J Oyebamiji Babalola
Binding Properties Of A Polymeric Gum From Cola accuminata
GC Onunkwo
Spectrophotometric Determination Of Amitriptyline By The Method Of Charge-Transfer Complexation With Chloranilic Acid
JO Onah
Acute In-Vivo Histological Effect Of Food Colourants On Some Rat Tissues
FP Ching, JO Akpan, MD Ekpo, JA Ekanem
Protective effects of Dried Flower Extract of Hibiscus sabdariffa L. on Carbon Tetrachloride-induced Liver Injury in the Rat
FO Obi, OC Chiazo, NF Ezeani, OS Omorodion, JB Fakoya
Development Of Rainfall Erosivity Map For Nigeria
K Ogedengbe, OA Akintola, OJ Idowu
Deforestation In Government Protected Areas: The Case Of Falgore Game Reservre, Kano State, Nigeria
PA Essoka, SM Abubakar
A Framework For Agent-Based Educational Guidance And Counselling System
SC Chiemeke, SS Daodu
A review of Covert Channels in TCP and HTTP protocols
TY James, CO Uwadia, MO Lawal
Synthesis and Characterization of Ni-B Binary Alloys Incorporating Vanadium
JA Ajao, IT Fatudimu, NI Akwada, S Hamar-Thibault
Estimate Of Positive Ground Lightning Flashes In Ibadan, Nigeria
UE Akpan
Comparative Noise Pollution Study Of Some Major Towns In Delta State, Nigeria
O Anomohanran, JEA Osemeikhian
Empirical Relationships Between Electrical Conductivity, Salinity, Density And Ph Of Ground Water In Parts Of Delta State, Nigeria
O Anomohanran, JEA Osemeikhian
Electrical Properties Of Amorphous Selenium (aSe)/p-Type Silicon (pSi) Heterojunction Devices
GK Oyanna, SE Iyayi, E Aghemenloh
Comparative Study Of Electrical Conductivity And Salinity Of Soil Samples From Ibeno And Uyo Local Government Areas Of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
EE Ituen, AA Okon
Columnar Radio Refractivity Of The Troposphere At Ashodi And Kano
B Adeyemi
Station History Of The Seismic Station In Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria
AS Oniku

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