Green corrosion inhibition of mild steel using Prunus Dulcis seeds extract in an acidic medium

  • Frederick Okhakumhe Oshomogho
  • Thelma Ejiro Akhihiero
  • Osariemen Edokpayi
  • Joy Ehimwenma Ossai
Keywords: Mild steel, Corrosion, Inhibitor, Plant Extract, Adsorption


Synthetic inhibitors use by industries often have adverse effect on the environment. This work therefore investigates the use of plant extract as an  inhibition to mild steel corrosion in an acidic environment. Weight loss method was adopted to evaluate inhibition efficiency by plant extract as corrosion inhibitors. Almond seeds (Prunusdulcis) was extracted with the aid of Soxhlet apparatus. The corrosion inhibition experiment was  performed by setting up reactors containing mild steel coupon with variable concentrations of plant extract and 200ml of 1.5M HCl solution. The  study revealed that the extract was an efficient inhibitor and was most effective as the concentration increased from 0.81% at 0.01g/ml to 69.95% at 0.15g/ml respectively. Adsorption study on mild steel surface showed that the experimental data fitted better into the Temkin isotherm with regression R2 closer to unity. Arrhenius constant and activation energy estimated at temperatures 308K to 328K revealed that activation energy a
E increased with increasing inhibitor concentration from 5348.23J/mol at 0.01g/ml to 6151.44J/mol at 0.05g/ml. The outcome of the study revealed  that mild steel is susceptible to corrosionwhich is capable of destroying the material and increasing inhibitor concentration and temperature has significant influence on the corrosion.

Keywords: Mild steel, Corrosion, Inhibitor, Plant Extract, Adsorption


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eISSN: 1118-0579