Lessons and challenges from software quality assessment: The case of space systems software

  • M Agu
  • F Bakpo
Keywords: Software, Software Quality, Quality Standard, Characteristics, Assessment, Challanges, lessons


Software development activities have continued to be plagued by a number of problems even with the availability of so many esoteric software technologies and paradigms such as object oriented development, etc.
Several studies can be traced back to the software processes adopted. Other contributing factors include lack of knowledge of available systems standards, tools and techniques employed by system practitioners. This paper presents lessons and challenges gained over the last 10 years of experience as software system administrator as well as lecturers in the computer science department. Over this period of time, we have managed a number of in-house and purchased project software amongst them are banking, airtime billing, human resource, result computation etc. We discussed these lessons and challenges across two measurable  characteristics namely quality of design (life cycle stages) and quality of conformance. Finally, we also recommended the lessons and challenges from software quality management for space system software.

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eISSN: 1118-0579