Particulate Matter and Noise Impact Studies of Waste Rock Dump

  • Kenneth J. Bansah
Keywords: Particulates, Noise, Air Pollution, Mining, Waste dump


Adansi Gold Company Limited identified an economically viable gold deposit at Nkran in the Amansie West District of Ghana. Mining of this deposit requires the disposal of waste rock materials at a proposed waste rock dump near Nkran and Koninase communities. Since particulates and noise emissions from the operational activities at the dump are inevitable, it becomes necessary to conduct particulates and noise impact studies. The potential impact of particulates and noise from the proposed Nkran waste rock dump on the Koninase and Nkran communities were studied. Baseline TSP, PM10 and noise data were collected over a period of 14 days at the various monitoring locations in the communities. Since the period was characterised by dry weather conditions, TSP (mainly road-induced) were generally higher than permissible levels. PM10 and noise levels compared well with acceptable limits. Results of air quality modelling suggest that occupiers of building structures at Koninase and Nkran may not be affected by particulate emission from the waste dump. However, sound pressure level modelling indicates that the waste rock dump has a potential to alter background noise levels at Koninase and Nkran. Thus, conducting site-specific induction to raise awareness, use of noise bund or green buffers (vegetation) among other recommended strategies would control ambient noise levels.


Keywords: Particulates, Noise, Air Pollution, Mining, Waste dump


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eISSN: 0855-210X