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Knowledge, attitude and practice of drug abuse among public secondary school students in Lagos, Nigeria

AT Adebowale, FA Olatona, ABO Abiola, ES Oridota, OO Goodman, AT Onajole


Background: The use of alcohol, tobacco and other substances constitutes one of the most important risk–taking behaviour among adolescents and young adults in secondary schools. This study was conducted to determine the knowledge, attitude and practices of secondary school students in Lagos, Nigeria concerning drug abuse. Methods: This was a descriptive cross sectional study which employed a multistage sampling method to select 400 participants. Data was collected using semi-structured pre-tested interviewer-administered questionnaires. Results The mean age was 13.8±1.9 years. More than 50% knew the meaning of drug abuse, the dangers in using drugs wrongly and the legal status of drug abuse. Many of the respondents had positive attitudes to using illegal drugs (58.5%). The drugs mostly used by the students were coffee and analgesics while Indian hemp, alcohol and cigarettes were abused sparingly. Conclusion: The level of knowledge of the students concerning drug abuse was fair, many of the respondents had positive attitudes to using illegal drugs and the drugs mostly used were the socially acceptable ones; but they are likely to lead to the use of stronger ones later in life. Drug and alcohol education should therefore be strengthened in schools through the curriculum and drug abuse days. Legislation guiding sales of drugs should beenforced, the public should be educated and the sale of drugs monitored.

Keywords: Attitude, Drug Abuse, Knowledge, Students.

High Med Res J 2013;13:44-48

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