Persistent delusional disorder in a 32 year old male

  • Duwap M Makput
  • Christopher G. Piwuna
  • Musa A Wakil
Keywords: persistent delusional disorder, persecutory type, male


Background: Persistent delusional disorder is a permanent, unshakable and encapsulated delusional system, developing insidiously in middle or late life with no impairment in other mental functions. This paper reviews a case of persistent delusional disorder.
Methods: The case record of a 32 year old man who said nothing was wrong with him but whose wife said he has been suspicious that several people around him were planning to harm him was reviewed.
Results: The long history of his suspiciousness of several people despite no evidence that anyone is planning to harm him, lack of evidence of an organic mental disorder or the use of alcohol or drugs, the criteria for schizophrenia was not fulfilled, the preservation of other mental functions in this patient, his ability to continue to function effectively and his lack of insight conform to the ICD 10 diagnosis of persistent delusional disorder (persecutory type).
Conclusion: Cases of persistent delusional disorder (persecutory type), though very rare do occur in our environment.

Key words: persistent delusional disorder, persecutory type, male


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eISSN: 1596-2407