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Detection of Rabies antigen in brains of suspected Rabid dogs using Sellers staining technique and Enzyme Immunoassay

Lohya Nimzing, Zwandor Nanbol


Objective: To detect the presence of rabies antigen in brains of suspected rabid dogs.

Materials and Methods: Ninety six (96) brain specimens from suspected rabid dogs were examined for the presence of rabies antigen using Seller's staining technique and enzyme immunoassay.

Results: The two techniques were both effective for the detection of rabies antigen, however seller's staining method detected more positive cases 42(43.8%) than enzyme immunoassay 27(28.2%) (P<0.05). This may be attributed to the many pitfalls of the seller's staining technique as putrid brain materials can lead to false-positive results.

Conclusion: In view of these findings, enzyme immunoassay if carefully carried out may be more useful for the detection of rabies antigen in surveillance studies since it is more rapid and convenient for the assay of large number of specimens. However, fewer specimens may still require the older staining method where available facilities are limited.
Key words: Rabies antigen, Seller's Staining/Enzyme-immunoassay, Vom-Nigeria.
Highland Medical Research Journal Vol.1(4) 2003: 48-51
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