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Testicular Biopsy In The Evaluation Of Male Infertility In Maiduguri North-Eastern Nigeria

HU Na'aya, HA Nggada, D Dogo


Objective: To evaluate testicular biopsy in the management of male infertility in the university of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital.

Method: This study reviewed retrospectively testicular biopsy in the infertile males managed at University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital between january 1991 and December 2000.

Result: Forty-six patients had testicular biopsy for infertility as part of their investigations.

Mean age at presentation was 33.8 years and mean duration of marriage before presentation was 5.9 years. Forty-one (80%) had primary infertility and 5 (11%) secondary infertility.

Twenty-eight (60.9%) had history suggestive of urethritis. Bacteriospermia was detected in 14 (30.4%). Thirty-three (71.4%) of the patients had azoospermia while 16 (34.8%) had severe tubular atrophy. Six (13.04%) of the patients with normal spermatogenesis but had bacteriospermia were able to achieve fertility after adequate antibiotic therapy.

Conclusion: Though infertility can be caused by many factors, infection appears to be among the major contributors to infertility in this environment.
Key words: Testicular biopsy, male infertility, north-eastern Nigeria.
Highland Medical Research Journal Vol.2(1) 2004: 37-40
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