Effect Of Cassia Auriculata Extract On Nociception , Experimental Diabetes And Hyperlipidemia In Mice And Rats

  • M George
  • L Joseph
  • Ramaswamy.
Keywords: Anti-nociceptive, Anti-diabetic, Anti-hyperlipidemic, Cassia auriculata extract, Alloxan


Objective: Find out the effect of Cassia auriculata extract on nociception , experimental diabetes, and hyperlipidemia in mice and rats. Methods: Aqueous extract of Cassia auriculata (CAEt) were Administered orally and different doses of the extract on “nociception in mice, blood glucose, glucose-6- phosphatase , serum and tissue lipids in rats with alloxan induced diabetes” were studied. Diclofenac and Chlopropamide were used as standard reference drugs respectively. Aqueous extract of Cassia auriculata (CAEt ) at doses of 150,300,500, mg/kg body weight. Results: Anti-nociceptive:Results indicate ( doses of 150, 300,500 , mg/kg)that aqueous extract of Cassia auriculata possessed anti-nociceptive activity in mice. Anti-diabetic& Anti-hyperlipidemic: Results indicated ( doses of 150, 300,500 mg/kg for 30 days)suppressed the elevated glucose and,lipid levels in diabetic rats . Cassiaauriculata. 500mg/kg was found comparable to standard reference drugs. Conclusion: Our findings shows that extract possesed anti-nociceptive, anti-diabetic and anti-hyperlipidemic activities.

Keywords: Anti-nociceptive, Anti-diabetic, Anti-hyperlipidemic Cassia auriculata extract, Alloxan.

Highland Medical Research Journal Vol. 5 (2) 2007 pp. 11-19

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eISSN: 1596-2407