Revisit Of Current Patterns Of Semen Quality Among Male Partners Of Infertile Couples Seen At The Jos Unviversity Teaching Hospital

  • PH Daru
  • CC Ekwempu
  • IC Pam
  • CO Egboodo
  • G Imade
  • AS Sagay
Keywords: emen abnormalities, Infertility, semen abnormalities, Jos University Teaching Hospital.


Background: Infertility is a worldwide problem and the contribution of the male partner is significant. In general one out of seven couples will have problem with fertility.
Materials and Methods: This was a 5 year retrospective study, in which the results of seminal fliud analysis of male partners of infertile couples were retrieved from the Andrology Research Laboratory of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Jos University Teaching Hospital/University of Jos between 1999 and 2004. The results were critically analysed for critical days of abstinence, volume of semen collected, methods of collection of semen, the quality of the semen and the presence of pus cells greater than 5 per high power field.
Results: The results showed that majority of the patients (68.2%) abstained from intercourse for 3-4 days, while17.4% abstained for greater than 7days. About 61% of the patients produced semen by coitus interruptus while, 34.3% obtained their samples by masturbation. Majority of the patients (70.1%) produced semen volume of greater than 2mls, while 29.9% produced semen of less than 2mls. Of the total number, 34.7% were normozoospermia while, 65.3% had one semen abnomality or the other. Pus cells were present in a total of 6.6%.
Conclusion: Majority of the men followed the standard protocol for semen production and collection.However, semen abnormalities were high among partners of infertile couples, which may explain the infertility in those couples. However, in males with normal semen qualities, other factors may be responsible for the infertility.

Keywords: Semen abnormalities, Infertility, semen abnormalities, Jos University
Teaching Hospital.


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