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Flower Colour Inheritance in Nicotiana alata (Solanaceae) and its Use as a Genetic Marker for Gene Flow Studies

M Mollel, T Haileselassie


In Nicotiana alata, flower colour inheritance has followed Mendelian inheritance with dark colours being dominant over lighter colours. Reciprocal crosses concluded the absence of the cytoplasm involvement in the determination of flower colour. The backcross confirmed the dominant nature of red as the backcross between any F1 to the red parent produced only red flowers. On the other hand when light coloured morphs were the parents, the offspring segregated in a ratio of 1:1 confirming the monogenic recessive inheritance of light colours. The exception for the above patterns of inheritance was when the F1 of the lime green x pink was crossed with the pink pollen donor and produced red purple offspring. Flower colour in Nicotiana alata, could be used as an easily interpreted morphological marker in most morphs.

Key words: Flower colour, inheritance, morphological marker, Nicotiana alata

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