The Effect of Globalization on Tanzanian Culture: A Review

  • MK Rwegelera


Globalization has a lot of controversies with regard to the rise of global culture. American and Western norms and practices are gradually being transported across the globe as acceptable ways of behaviour. In view of this, the rich and dynamic Tanzanian culture is being diluted. This paper critically assesses influence of globalization on Tanzanian culture. Culture is a broad concept. We cannot discuss all elements embedded in it. This paper therefore is trying to touch on areas which are badly affected by globalization such as language, songs and dances, food and drinks as well as clothing. This is a result of interaction which comes from a certain level of influence such that consequences are either good or bad. Therefore, it can be said that Tanzania’s interaction into the global system has played a significant role in what Tanzania is today. Lastly, the paper pin-points necessary actions that need to be taken so as to safeguard Tanzanian culture today and generations to come because there are diverse impacts of globalization on Tanzanian culture.

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eISSN: 0856-6739