A Review of the Physiological Effects of Exercise Duration and Intensity during Walking and Jogging

  • R. A. Awopetu
Keywords: Jogging, walking, intensity, duration.


Jogging and walking are the most common aerobic exercises engaged in by numbers of people at different intensity and duration. This paper reviews research works on physiological effects of jogging at high intensity and walking for long duration. These include effects on cholesterol levels, blood glucose levels, cardiorespiratory fitness, weight loss, metabolic syndrome and flexibility. Past research works established that jogging which is at high intensity burns large amounts of calories and walking at long duration also burns calories and works muscles but at lower impact, making it easier on the joints, muscles and bones. Conclusively, the review submits that both forms of aerobic exercise, jogging and walking, are of great importance to human health but they differ in their levels of intensity and duration. Walking is a general form of exercise for everybody, both young and old regardless of their health status at certain duration while jogging is beneficial but should be prescribed and supervised


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eISSN: 0856-6739