Lecturers-Students’ Interpersonal Communication: Implication for Students’ Academic Learning

  • O. Elegbe
Keywords: Interpersonal communication, Lecturer-student relationship, Academic Learning, University of Ibadan


There are increasing growing confrontations which have hindered healthy lecturer-student relationship due to the fact that most lecturers lack good interpersonal communication skills to meet the needs of their students. Using the pedagogical theory, the study through a qualitative research method conducted a focus group discussion with 24 students within 4 sub-groups and in-depth interviews with 6 lecturers from 6 faculties in the University of Ibadan. Data collected were collated, analyzed and findings show that interpersonal communication has a positive influence on lecturer-student’ relationship. Lecturer-student relationships aid students’  cognitive, social and emotional growth, lecturers spending more time with students especially those who have challenges in some courses can improve positive interpersonal relationship between them and eventually contribute to students’  academic learning. Hence, lecturers should ensure positive interactions with their  students while the students on their part should be positive about their interactions with lecturers.


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eISSN: 0856-6739