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Availability of ICTs in public libraries in North Central states of Nigeria

SO Bello, HO Salah


Information and Communication Technologies have, incontestably become integral parts off t he library, notwithstanding their types. It means, therefore, that their availability in libraries is as important as the availability of documents in libraries. Studies have shown that despite the importance of ICTs in libraries, most libraries in Nigeria have either failed to provide them or they are provided purely for administrative purposes. This scenario prompted the researchers to examine the situation of ICTs provision in public libraries in North Central States of Nigeria. Public libraries were del iberately selected for this study because of their importance to the general public (the peoples’ university) in Nigeria. The study is predominantly qualitative as most of the variables considered in the study were nominal or discrete in nature. This is qualitative study involve seven public libraries in North Central States of Nigeria. Only four (4) of the seven public libraries in the North Central State of Nigeria with clear evidence of ICTs were involved in the study. The secondary respondents were the Readers and Technical Services Librarians of the libraries. A methodological triangulation involving questionnaire, interview and observation was employed for the study. Data collected were descriptively analyzed. Consequently, it was discovered among oth er findings, that there was truly poor state of ICTs provision in public libraries in North Central States of Nigeria. An appeal was therefore made to the proprietors of these libraries to; as a matter of urgency, provide enabling environment for the provision of these important facilities for the libraries.

Key Words: ICT, Public, Library, North, Central, Nigeria.

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