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Evaluation of computer-based library services at Kenneth Dike library, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

TA Ogunmodede, SO Oyetola, MB Afolabi


This study evaluated computer-based library services/routines at Kenneth Dike Library, University of Ibadan. Four research questions were developed and answered. A survey research design was adopted; using questionnaire as the instrument for data collection. A total of 200 respondents randomly selected from 10 faculties in the University represent the sample of the study. A total of 200 copies of questionnaire were administered out of which 180copies were re turned giving 90% return rate. Tables and percentages were used for data presentation. The results revealed that, computer-based services/routines at Kenneth Dike library are internet services to students and usage of On -line Public Access Catalogue, Infor mation systems used at the computer -based routines/services section has not been effective and efficient in quest for information searches. The results also demonstrate that users prefer computer -based services to manually administered one and majority of the respondents are not satisfied with services rendered to them. The study concluded that computer -based services at University of Ibadan library are not all that  effective as at the period of this research. Students that patronize the computer room are f ewer and majority of them are postgraduates. The study recommends that library management should encourage students, inform and educate them on the importance of computer -room in the library to their academic performances. E -learning centre affiliated with the library should be established as this would provide avenue for free browsing and increase the patronage of computer section in the library.

Key words: Computer, Library, Services, University, Nigeria.

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