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The influence of motivation on Librarians’ job satisfaction

UC Nwaigwe


A general opinion that is supported by research is that motivation is crucial to any workforce, if they are expected to perform to their optimum. The common understanding being that motivated staff will put in more and be satisfied with their jobs. The influence of motivation on the job satisfaction of librarians is therefore crucial to the success of the library. This research work investigated the influence of motivation on Librarians’ job satisfaction in University libraries in Imo State, Nigeria. The population of study consists of all librarians working in University libraries in Imo State. Instrument of data collection was a researcher developed four point scale questionnaire titled Motivation and Librarians’ Job Satisfaction (MLJS). Out of the forty –six questionnaires distributed, forty –one were returned. Data collected were analysed using mean. The findings of the study revealed that motivation has influence on librarians’ job satisfaction. It further identified that motivation strategies like payment of salaries, promotion, conducive work environment, interpersonal relationship, organizational policies and job performed have influence on Librarians’ job satisfaction. Some recommendations were made to improve librarians’ job satisfaction.

Key Words: Librarians, Motivation, Job, Satisfaction.

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