Factors affecting preservation of serial materials in University Libraries in South -South, Nigeria

  • BA Akporhonor
  • AI Nwanapayi
Keywords: preservation, Serials, Libraries, Universities


Preservation is a term that describes all the activities that m inimize chemical and physical deterioration and damage that prevent loss of information content. The primary goal of preservation is to prolong the existence of serials for use, either in their original physical form or other ways. This study investigated factors affecting preservation of serials in university libraries in South - South, Nigeria. Research questions were formulated and analyzed using statistical mean and standard deviation. The descriptive survey design was adopted and questionnaire was used a s instrument for data collection. Findings revealed that despite the strategic position of serials among other information resources in the university libraries, and in spite of their unique values,  serials have not received a corresponding attention in t erms of preservation. It was discovered that serials deteriorate r apidly in university libraries. Serials as the bedrock of research activities are faced with some militating factors such as harsh environmental condition, biological factors and lack of sto rage space and facilities. The study recommended that attention of library administration in university libraries should be drawn to the urgent need to develop preservation plan and policy in order to counter serial deterioration and university libraries s hould be made to provide for issues relating to disaster planning since a preservation plan ensures t hat limited resources are well utilized.

Key Words: preservation, Serials, Libraries, Universities


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eISSN: 1597-4316