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Adoption and use of electronic information resources by medical science students of the university of Benin, Benin city, Nigeria

Kennedy Arebamen Eiriemiokhale, James Afebuameh Aiyebelehin


This study investigated the adoption and use of electronic information resources by medical science students of the University of Benin. The descriptive survey research design was adopted for the study and 390 students provided the data. Data collected were analysed with descriptive Statistics(Simple percentage and frequency count). The findings revealed that medical science students use Electronic Information Resources for learning, for doing assignment, Google search, for personal development, and getting awareness of recent happenings. It w as also found that poor internet connection, and limited access and site restrictions were the major problems encountered when using electronic Information Resources. The study recommends that the university management should ensure that the school interne t connection is strongly developed, improved and made available in the entire campus including hostels to encourage quick and easy access to Electronic Information Resources.

Key Words: Adoption, Use, Electronic, Resources, Information, Medical, Students, University

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