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National open university of Nigeria (noun) students’ perception of open and distance learning

Angela Ebele Okpala


This paper studied the perception and challenges of students of open and distance learning (ODL) mode. ODL is a welcome development in Nigeria educational system. Participants in this study were 500 NOUN students that were randomly selected from Abuja study center. A well structured and validated questionnaire called “Students’ Perception of Open and Distance Learning Questionnaire (SPODLQ)” was used for data collection. Two statistical methods, Chi square and simple frequencies were used for data analysis. Results showed that NOUN students in Abuja study centre have a positive perception of ODL mode of study. The study also showed that there is no significant group difference in terms of programme of study (i.e Arts/Science related courses) towards the perception of ODL in Abuja. A major challenge was however identified by Abuja study centre students in the area of issuance of printed version of the course materials. It was suggested that NOUN should maintain what they already have while improving on quality.

Keywords: e- learning; distance, education, learning, perception, Challenges

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