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Socio-economic analysis of ICT use by undergraduates in Nigerian Universities

Airen Adetimirin, Iyabo Mabawonku


The relationship among some socio-economic factors (gender, age and monthly  allowance) and use of ICTs by 1,702 undergraduates in seven Nigerian universities was examined. The descriptive survey research was adopted for the study and the  population was made up of undergraduates from seven universities in Nigeria using the stratified sampling technique. Questionnaire, interviews and observation were the data collection instruments employed for the study. ICT was used for assignments, class work, projects and seminars. ICT use was found to be low. Level of ICT use was  significantly associated with gender, age and monthly allowance, (gender: β = -0.092; t = 3.165; age: β = -0.157; t = 5.299; and monthly allowance: β= 0.126; t = 4.440; p< 0.05). Strategies to encourage higher levels of ICT use such as gender and age group specific were discussed.

Key Words: ICT, use, Socio-economic, Gender, Age, Personal, Monthly Allowance, Undergraduates, Nigeria

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