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Extent of reference services to users in Ebonyi State Public Libraary, Abakiliki - Nigeria

Cajethan Uchechukwu Anumkua


This study examined the extent of reference services provided to users in Ebonyi State Public Library, Abakiliki. Six research questions were used in the study. The survey research design was used to conduct the study. The population of the study  comprises 200 users of the reference information sources in the public library studied. Data for the study were collected through questionnaire. Data collected for the study were analyzed using descriptive statistics. The findings regarding the extent of reference services offered to the users by the public library studied show that the reference section of the library is manned by only one librarian. Users are very satisfied with the extent of reference services provided to them by the public library studied. Findings further show that the reference section of Ebonyi State Public Library, Abakiliki is faced with the problems of inadequate reading space, equipment and furniture, reference information sources, unconducive reading  environment and insufficient number of reference librarians. It is recommended that adequate reading space, fund, reference information materials, equipment and furniture should be provided to the public library studied for more efficient reference services to the users.

Key Words: Reference, Service. Users. Public, Library

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