Design and development of a unified subscribers’ SIM registration platform using top-down approach

  • A.O. Ameen
  • O.A. Akanni
  • O.M. Alimi
  • S. Haliru
Keywords: Multiple SIMs, SIM registration, status verification, NCC, Subscribers.


Compulsory SIM registration in Nigeria started in 2008 in response to several mobile crimes being perpetrated by fraudsters and also to improve service delivery. The decentralized systems currently in use in the country lack flexibility to register heterogeneous SIM cards and encourage multiple registrations. This work, the “design and development of a centralized, unified subscribers‟ SIM registration platform” therefore seeks to address these loopholes. The work employs top-down design approach using HTML, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, CSS, and MySQL as development tools. The new system surpasses the existing one as it is able to register all SIM cards of the four (4) major telecommunication operators in Nigeria and verify if a SIM had already been registered thus bringing stability, flexibility, and single platform for all. It is recommended that SIM card availability/sales on the road side should be stopped or such SIM cards be denied access to network until they are properly registered.

Key Words: Multiple SIMs, SIM registration, status verification, NCC, Subscribers.


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eISSN: 1597-4316