Assessment of best practice of software development in developing nations

  • G.O. Binuyo
  • M. O. Alimi
Keywords: Software, Development, Practices, Stakeholders, Indigenous, Technology.


Software development in most developing nations such as Nigeria were categorised as non standard while these nations still request for software from developed nations. These call for the assessment of the best practice and the way forward. ICT firms that specialized in software development were involved using questionnaire for data gathering to elicit information from software developers on the various best practices adopted in their operations. This was also complemented with information from secondary sources. The identified practices were measured on a five-point Likert scale rating of 5 to 1 to determine their relative strength index (RSI) in the practices. The result revealed the various approaches adopted for software development had  significant difference of F = 3.61, at P<0.05 with Protect the brand your customers trust (4.11) that has the highest rank. Others are Know your  business and support it with secure solutions (4.10), Understand the technology of the software (4.03), Memory limit set (3.91), Application pool not shared (3.88) and other parameters were examined for software development. The analysis shows the variance of the assessment of best practices in Software development firms and they are in conformity with the global trend.

Key Words: Software, Development, Practices, Stakeholders, Indigenous, Technology.


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eISSN: 1597-4316