Use of university libraries by academic staff of Nigerian universities: a case study

  • Dare Abel Lamidi
  • Allahde Shehu
  • Timothy AkuZintah
Keywords: academics, library, research, resources


Quality academic research activities can be successfully carried out if one depends on the library resources, therefore, this study examined the usage of libraries by the academics for their academics research work. The study employed descriptive survey research method to sample 318 respondents from a population of 326 academic staff. Questionnaire was used for data collections and descriptive statistics using IBM SPSS Statistics 2.0 in computing the statistical table to determine its frequencies and percentages. The findings of this study were; only few academics engage the libraries in their research and publishing activities. It was also discovered that most academics find it difficult to patronize and utilize the resources of these libraries despite its rich information resources. Libraries and its services are given little significance by researchers; unlike before, they no longer use the library for their purpose due to various perceived reasons. These days, internet is gradually taking over the mind of our academics thereby neglecting the library resources. The study finally recommended that; awareness and orientation should be created that will show the academics the importance of engaging the library in their research activities. Library should be made to review its services and functions that will attract the academics to patronize its services.

Keywords: academics, library, research, resources


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eISSN: 1597-4316