Assessing library resources for ICT skill acquisition in Nigerian universities

  • Bernadette Chinasa Nkeiruka Ukaegbu
  • Blessing Ijeoma Wegwu
Keywords: Library, Resource, Information, Communication, Technology, Training


In this era of globalization and internet, the importance of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to students in Nigerian universities in particular have been identified as a key to research and good academic performance among university students. This is because ICT facilitiesi quicken and ease access to a wide range of information resources worldwide. In fact, it is now difficult to imagine a world without information technology. Hence, this work assessed the available library resources for ICT skills acquisition of students in selected Nigeria universities and examined the challenges of the libraries in providing ICT skill trainings and recommended possible solutions as well. The study applied the method of personal interview and check list among selected Nigerian university Staff. The finding from the study showed that the library resources need to be upgraded to accommodate the population and demand of students. Furthermore, the challenges of the library in providing regular ICT skill acquisitions in the study area includes but not limited to poor and irregular power supply, inadequate ICT infrastructure , insufficient training staff and ICT specialists for the academic libraries and poor university funding. Based on the findings of this works, it was recommended that the University needs regular power supply, improved funding and upgrade of the library resources and ICT facilities to enable them carry out regular ICT skill acquisition training and fulfill the Nigerian library vision of a working e-library in all Nigerian Universities.

Keywords: Library, Resource, Information, Communication, Technology, Training


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eISSN: 1597-4316