Information security practices and it disaster recovery readiness: an assessment of Ghanaian government ministries

  • Paul Danquah
  • Stephen Bekoe
  • Frank Prikutse
Keywords: Information, Security, IT, Disaster, Recovery, Ghanaian, Government


This study set out to assess whether information security best practices are adhered to in Ghanaian government ministries and to assess their readiness for Information Technology (IT) disaster recovery.The sequential exploratory design was used to focus on qualitative data first via preliminary interviews, this was followed by the collection and analysis of quantitative data. The reason for this approach was to use the initial findings to develop the survey instrument to administer to a larger sample. A summarized analysis of the data gathered indicates that a generally poor information security practice and poor IT disaster recovery readiness exist within the Ghanaian government ministries.The outcome of this research serves an original empirical evidence of the information security practices and IT disaster recovery readiness within the Ghanaian government ministries.Further research is recommended to assess the International Standards Organization’s Information Security Management System maturity level of the respective ministries and the prevalent maturity level of the government ministries as a whole.

Keywords: Information, Security, IT, Disaster, Recovery, Ghanaian, Government


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eISSN: 1597-4316