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Use Of Computer Among Library Staff In Four Universities Of Technology Libraries In Northern Nigeria

KA Saka


The study determines the availability and use of computers by library staff in four (4) selected Universities of Technology Libraries in Northern Nigeria. Survey research was adopted with population of 151 Library staff and a random sample size of 120 staff in four (4) selected Universities of Technology Libraries in Northern Nigeria. The study revealed that there were 104 responding staff of various categories and 189 computers (desktops, flat screen and laptop) in the university libraries under study. Data Analysis shows that Desktop computer was the popular one being used by library staff with 84 (767%) while flat screen tend to be the lowest used computer with 6(5%) response rate. On frequency use of computers, findings showed that computers were used on daily basis with 72(69%) respondents, while 1(1%) respondent indicated to have used computer on monthly basis. Further analysis revealed that 16(15%) respondents did not indicate any frequency use of computers despite anonymity in questionnaire. It was discovered that respondents used computers for the purpose of internet browsing and e-mail with 42(22%) and 39(21%) responses respectively. On the problems militating against effective use of computers by library staff, findings showed that erratic power supply represented by 56(29%) respondents was the greater problem and this was followed by inadequate computers which were represented by 42(22%) respondents. Recommendations were proffered e.g. non-professional staff should be trained up to paraprofessional and professional status (in librarianship), while modern computers (flat screen and laptop) be procured by University Libraries (among others).

Keywords: Computer Technology, Library Staff, University of Technology, Libraries, Northern Nigeria.

The Information Technologist Vol. 5 (2) 2008: pp. 55-61
AJOL African Journals Online