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The mobile phone as a communication facility in Nigeria: A librarian's viewpoint

CC Okoro


Mobile phones have widely been accepted in Nigeria as a veritable communication facility. The stupendous level of sales recorded by telecommunication companies all over the country are pointers to the fact that Nigerians are mobile phone friendly. The facility as observed by this author has been subjected to a lot of uses, including some unfriendly tendencies by most people. This paper attempted to highlight the history of mobile phones, the various uses of the facility and the unresolved controversy over the effect of radiation technology on human health. Studies that contradicted one another on this knotty issue were reviewed. Recommendations were proffered for users to apply restraint on the use of mobile phones. This is because as at the time of writing this paper, no definite answer has been found as to the dangers inherent on prolonged human exposure to mobile phone radio frequency emissions.
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