Lecturers’ Level of Satisfaction with Available Electronic Information Resources in Universities in Edo State, Nigeria

  • KA Eiriemiokhale
Keywords: Lecturers, Electronic, Information, Resources, University, Edo


This study investigated the lecturers’ level of satisfaction with available electronic information resources in universities in Edo State. The descriptive survey design was employed for the study. The total population for the study was two thousand eight hundred and twenty one (2821) lecturers from four universities in Edo state and sample size of 380 respondents was drawn from two faculties in each of the four universities. The questionnaire was the main instrument for data collection. Two (2) research questions were raised to guide the study. Frequency counts and simple percentages were used in analyzing the data. Findings revealed that University lecturers use electronic information resources mostly for research, gaining subject knowledge and preparation of lectures. It also revealed that University lecturers in Edo state are highly satisfied with the utilization of electronic information resources. This study recommended that University lecturers should train and retrain themselves on the use of electronic information resources so as to make them viable in this 21st century. The university managements should provide funds for subscription to more electronic primary and secondary sources. It also recommended that qualified IT experts should be provided to solve the problem of networking and hardware. The university management should engage the services of computer hardware and software engineers to handle any system and network failures.

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eISSN: 1597-4316