Use of Law Library resources by law students of Imo State University

  • PC Akanwa
  • C Aniche
Keywords: Use, Law, Library, Resources, Law Students


Academic law li braries are indispensable support for learning, research and general practice in the entire legal profession. This article sought to establish the level of usage students of Imo State University make of its law library and in particular, determine the leve l of organization of the
resources, services available as well as attendant problems. A survey research design was employed to collect data which involved the use of questionnaires and direct observation. All staff of the library were used while a sample o f 120 students was taken for the study. Tables and descriptiv e statistics were used to analyz e data. Major findings showed that users had varied information needs which were not sufficiently satisfied; a variety of information materials exist which were not sufficiently adequate in range and quality; limited library serv ices which conspicuously lacked ICT and internet services, and limited use of th e library by the law students. It is recommended that , more library staf f should be employed to improve library services rendered to law students; information materials in the library should be organized to aid quick acc ess of information by law students; and, the law library should adopt a generous lending policy which will enable students to borrow needed library materials .

Key Words: Use, Law, Library, Resources , Law Students


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eISSN: 1597-4316