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Performance of Nigerian Publishers as Innovation agents to Nigerian University libraries

EC Ifeduba
A Basiru


There have been arguments suggesting that the low rate of adoption of digital publishing innovations in Nigeria could be attributed to the conservative activities of local publishers. This study, therefore, set out to investigate the role played by local Nigerian Publishers towards the acquisition and adoption of digital resources in university libraries. Employing a combination of interviews and examination of official records, data were gathered from three university libraries. The questions as to the number of digital resources adopted and who played the role of change agent were answered within the framework of diffusion of innovation theory. The findings indicate that five foreign publishers played the role of innovation change agents in collaboration with some donors while none (0%) of the local publishers played any role whatsoever. It is, therefore, concluded that local Nigerian publishers have not performed the expected role of change agents with regard to the adoption of digital library in novations in Nigerian Libraries . The recommendation is that further studies should be conducted to examine the factors affecting the adoption and diffusion of digital library and publishing innovations by book publishers in Nigeria.

Key Words: Publishing, Library, Innovations, Change, Agents, University, Nigeria