Managing school library services for effective academic performance and customer services in Nigeria

  • BF Umar
Keywords: School, Library, Services, Management, Education, Nigeria


This paper discussed the concepts of school library, its roles in the development of education system in Nigeria. The paper also highlighted the services offered in school libraries to support teaching and learning in promoting academic excellence in students performance. It also discussed the functions of school library management in enhancing maximum academic performance in school communities. Factors hindering adequate services and proper management of school libraries were identified among
others as non existence of libraries in most Nigerian schools, inadequate funds to properly manage some existing school libraries, irrelevant and obsolete library materials, ignorance of the school management, teachers and student s toward the roles of school library in achieving effective performance, school librarians are not recognized as a stakeholder in promoting students academic performance, school librarians are not part of the school management and curriculum planning team. Establishing and adequate management of libraries at the grassroots level in both primary and secondary schools system is advocated to be mandatory on every public and private schools in Nigeria as a way forward to promote students academic excellence and customer’s service in Nigerian schools.

Key Words: School, Library, Services, Management, Education, Nigeria


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eISSN: 1597-4316