Fundraising processes in Nigerian Academic Libraries: The Delta State experience

  • JO Ubogu
Keywords: Funding, academic libraries, fundraising, financing, Librarian s, Delta, State Nigeria.


The paper examines fundraising processes in academic libraries in Delta State. The aim is to find out the extent to which fund raising processes can help in solving funding problems in academic libraries. The descriptive research method was employed. Eleven academic libraries in Delt a State were used in this study, that is eleven (11) head librarians of the institutions constitute the population used for the study. As such, the sample size is 11. The instrument used in collecting data was questionnaire. Analysis of data was done using frequency counts and percentages. Results of the analysis showed that fundraising processes is very necessary in academic libraries, as libraries do not have other means
of surviving the harsh times due to some problems confronting them; that partial reco very of academic cost (fees), gifts and donations are the main fund sources. The following recommendations were made: that, there should be a concerted effort to assess other unexploited means of fundraising by librarians; adequate structure for effective and efficient administration of fundraising should be put in place by libraries coupled with working on the conscience of the people to improve their philanthropic culture.

Key Words: Funding, academic libraries, fundraising, financing, Librarians, Delta, State Nigeria.


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