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Gender difference in the use of library among students of colleges of education in Delta State

BC Onovughe
EL Ogbah


This paper examined gender difference in the use of library among students of College s of Education Warri, Agbor, and Mosogar in Delta State of Nigeria. The survey research design was employed for this study. The population of the study consisted o f 264 actual library users of the Colleges of Education. The entire population for the study was equally investigated. The questionnaire was the instrument for data collection. Frequency counts and simple percentages were used to analyze the data
gathered. Findings revealed that the female students make use of the library than the males; both sexes has similar reasons for the use of the library, both sexes acquire their search skills/knowledge through the user education, library guide/handbook and being taught by friends.  Unfamiliarity with different parts of the library and frequent interruption of electricity supply pose greater problems to their use of the library. It was recommended in the study that students should visit the library more often as that we help them to be more familiar with the library; government should also wake up to their responsibility to its citizens as regards  electricity and ensure a steady power supply.

Key Words: Gender, Library, Students, Use, Resources, Information, University

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