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Cognitive Training Programme in the Decrease of Stress of Daily Functioning Among the Retirees

Busari Afusat Olanike


The study investigated the effect of cognitive training programme in the decrease of stress of daily functioning among retirees of university of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. One hundred and twenty (120) retirees comprise of eighty eight (88) males and thirty two (32) females age ranging between 60 and 76 participated in the study survey. Mental Status Assessment Scale (MSAS) was the instrument used to obtained data. Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA) was the statistical to tool used analyse the data. The post-test outcome confirmed that cognitive training was effective in improving daily functioning of the retirees. Emanating from the research findings, the study proffered that persons of age sixty and above should be involved in periodical memory training which involves, teaching mnemonic strategies: organization, visualization and association for remembering verbal materials; they should also be involved in visual search and identification; and they should be made to participate in training to focus on thinking ability to organize and communicate ideas, thoughts in an organized coherent and appropriate manner.

Keywords: Cognitive Training, Intervention, Daily Functioning Improvement, Retiree

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