The scientific basis of alternative and complementary intervention in psychiatry

  • Celestine O. Mume
Keywords: Psychiatric treatment, energy, matter, alternative and complementary treatment, mass-energy equivalence, science.


This paper examines the orthodox as well as complementary treatment methods. It is noted that some complementary treatment methods are not pharmacological in nature but employs natural forces, which are energy of some sorts. From the mass-energy equivalence known to orthodox science it is easy to conclude that every matter is crystallized energy and therefore all that exists in nature is energy in varying degrees of density.Thus the orthodox psychiatric practice that regulates neurotransmitter functions among others simply employs energy also. Both systems employ energy though the different groups of therapists may not be aware of this. This is a point of convergence between the two systems. Thus the alternative or complementary system of treatment in psychiatry is also a scientific method.

Keywords: Psychiatric treatment; energy; matter; alternative and complementary treatment; mass-energy equivalence; science.


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eISSN: 1117-1421