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Incidence of bullying among secondary school students in Akinyele local government area of Oyo State

Oyelade Oyekola Olukayode, Oyediran Ayotunde Oyedele, Shittu John Idowu


The paper examined incidence of bullying among secondary school students in Akinyele Local Government Area of Oyo State, Nigeria. All the students in Akinyele Local Government Area of Oyo State were used as the population for the study out of which a sample of three hundred students which comprises of One hundred and fifty male and one hundred and fifty female senior and junior secondary school students that were selected using multistage sampling techniques (Purposive, stratified and random sampling).The study adopted a descriptive survey design. While the instrument used to elicit response from the respondent was researchers’ design questionnaire tagged Incidence of Bullying in School (IBS). The instrument reliability was 0.76. Simple percentage was used for data analysis. Two Research questions were generated to pilot the study. The result indicated that Bullying is common in secondary school students with both male and female taking active part and that The table indicates that 33.3%,42.7% and 62.7% experienced physical, verbal and emotional bullying respectively, and that male participants have highest percentage in all forms of bullying i.e. (Physical 43.3%, verbal 46.7% and Emotional 65.3%). As a result it was recommended that the Couselling and Education Psychologist, the teacher, the parent should not fold their hands but come together to see to the reduction of the menace of this problem of bullying in our secondary schools. Inconclusion, Bullying is an act that is growing rapidly in our secondary school and its impact on the victims in term of psychological, physiological and in the area of academic performance cannot be over emphasised.

Keywords: Incidence, Bullying, Secondary School, Student

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