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Nigeria as Africa’s epicenter of terrorism against school children

Johnson Oluwole Ayodele


To show the magnitude of the implications of terrorism for the future of knowledge among the present crop of schoolchildren in Nigeria, there is the need to capture the factors that predispose them as soft targets to collective violence through a scientific investigation. Towards this end, the present article theoretically explores the global trends of terrorism against schoolchildren, the trajectory of terrorism, its tensi ons and contentions, the implications of violence for the future of the schoolchildren’s capacity building in Nigeria. Based on the analysis of the available secondary data on the impact of terrorism against schoolchildren, the article concludes that a discussion of the need to upgrade the protection of schoolchildren against terrorism is urgent. Therefore, to create a noticeable sense of security for Nigerian schoolchildren in their educational institutions, it recommends that the value of counter-terrorism education should be effectively taught to all the stakeholders in schoolchildren’s education.

Keywords: terrorism, schoolchildren, counter-terrorism education, capacity building, Nigeria

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