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The psychosocial challenges and implications on students adjustment in multicultural Nigerian schools

Amaihian Philip Idowu, Oyebiyi Dele Augustine, Adeyemo W. Folashade


The multicultural nature of our society and the associated problems on the combination of inter cultural, personal, inter personal issues and educational values for adaptation and cross cultural adjustments, people find it difficult to integrate into new environment. Most of the students within a diverse culture are face with psychological and sociocultural challenges and inability to adapting to the new environment due to fear of discrimination, loss of identity, injustice and cultural prejudice, loss of home contact and ineffective culturally infused curriculum. These have made students traumatized, stressed, fear and emotionally disturbed. Thus, the paper examined the psychosocial challenges and students adjustment in multicultural Nigeria schools. The paper therefore recommended that, for students to effectively adjust to the new culture, there should be introduction of inclusive cross cultural curriculum, conducive environment for culture reorientation, the counsellor should encouraged social networking among the students ,provide enabling environment for students to be adaptive, assertive and have high sense of self esteem, integrate, adjust and imbibe the culture of the new social environment and well being with culturally infused counselling practices in our schools.

Keywords: Psychosocial, Multicultural, inclusive education, adjustment challenges,.

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