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Effects of drug abuse and violence among the adult learners in Ilorin Metropolis

Olawuni Abiodun Olufemi, Oladele Jumoke Iyabode


This study was conducted to assess the effects of drug abuse among the adult learners in Ilorin metropolis. Drug abuse is a primitive challenge among the adult learners in with serious effects on them and on society at large. The survey research design was adopted for the study while two hundred and eight respondents were purposively selected from all local governments that constitute Ilorin metropolis. Questionnaire were use and been complemented with Focus Group Discussion (FGD) to collect data, while descriptive statistical techniques were employed to analyze the quantitative data obtained. The results of the analyze clearly show that the level of drug abuse is rampart among the adult learners; and that there was a link between drug abuse and violence acts in Ilorin metropolis. Therefore, this paper recommended that empowerment programmes should be often organized for the adult learners to curb their evil acts and media houses should not stop the campaigning on radio and television in order to educate the adult learners and the society at large on the effects of drug abuse and its consequences on adults and society at large.

Keywords: Drug, Drug abuse, Violence, Addiction, Adult learners, Illicit

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