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A sociological review of the effects of slavery on Yoruba nation

Anthony C. Onwumah, David O. Imhonopi, Christiana O. Adetunde


The Yoruba nation encompasses all peoples of Yoruba ethnic origin found mainly in Nigeria and also in some West African countries of Benin, Togo, Sierra -Leone and Ghana. As a result of slavery, otherwise known as enslavement, Yoruba presence expressed by its language and culture are found in such places as Brazil, Cuba, Argentina, Trinidad and Tobago amongst others. This paper which draws materials from secondary sources posits that enslavement led to the dispersal of Yoruba language and culture to the Diaspora. Beyond this, it also transported Yoruba religion to the Caribbean as exemplified by the Condembles in Brazil and Santeria in Cuba and practice of Ifa. Furthermore, slavery impacted Yoruba nation in economic t erms and altered traditional social relations among the Yoruba. However, slavery could be said to be double edged in the Yoruba nation. It introduced the Yoruba s to new ways of life, transformed the traditional economy and aggravated the internecine wars i n the search for slaves. It also affected, though it did not obliterate Yoruba communalism. The paper concludes by suggesting the need for the establishment of a supranational and pan - Yoruba association that will promote studies into Yoruba history and cul ture and further promote and propagate the interest of the Yoruba nation in all its ramifications.

Keywords: Slavery, Slave trade Enslavement, Yoruba nation, Condembles

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