Mitigating the Adjustment and Change Problems of Retiring Workers in Nigeria

  • Fab O Onah


The event of retirement from public service in Nigeria has carried enormous adjustment and change problems among the retirees. This is because rather than being a natural event, retirement is now a nightmare in Nigeria considering the less than satisfactory situation on the ground. Working on the assumption that retirees can still be useful to themselves and the society at large, and using the activity theory, this paper looks into the roots of the various adjustment and change problems of Nigerian retirees. Fundamental among the problems are unpreparedness of the workers, suddenness of the event and generally poor attitudes towards retirement, among others. In view of the degree of psychological damage and trauma associated with retirement, a comprehensive mitigating package was presented including worker education, counselling, phased retirement and age-related skills acquisition, among others. Retirement can still be a dignifying phenomenon if the principles of need, fairness and equity are called to mind in managing the affairs of the retiring workers.

(IFE Psychologia (2002) 10(2), 199-210)

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eISSN: 1117-1421