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The Student's Adjustment Inventory Manual

M E Tanyi


Educators have long realized that many students perform poorly in their academic work not because they do not possess the mental ability to do well but because they do not adapt (adjust) to the school norms and yet there is paucity of behavioral instrument to help these students. The term school adjustment according to this study relates directly to personality formation of a child at school. Personality also here refers to stable behaviors in the process of adjustment. Stable forms of adjustment or adaptations can be regarded as traits of personality. School adjustment therefore, is a behavioural pattern that enables a student to get along with his/her personal, academic, social and emotional demands of the school setting. Students that cannot meet or cope with the expected school demands or norms become maladjusted.

The Student's Adjustment Inventory (SAI) represents the results of 3 years of intensive research studies leading to a doctorate degree in educational psychology by the and to the award of the Commonwealth Fellowship1999- 2000. SAI had gone through standardisation and cross-validation procedures to obtain 57 items with high reliability and validity correlation coefficients. SAI can identify, certify, discriminate and measure the area and level of defective behaviour exhibited by students in secondary schools.

IFE Psychologia (2002) 10(1), 1-14
AJOL African Journals Online