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Skills Training for Safe Sexual Practice and Coercive Behavior Prevention among Adolescents in Ibadan, Nigeria

B O Olley, J A Ajuwon, Akin Jimoh,, O Akintola


This study examined the effect of a didactic skills training program for in-school adolescents in Ibadan on knowledge concerning prevention of sexual coercion, knowledge about HIV/AIDS, sexual role/responsibility and assertiveness/communication skills.

A total of 73 in-school adolescents ages 15 – 19 years (χ = 18.2, SD 2.1) who were recruited from four secondary schools in a local government area took part in the study. Results showed a significant (p < 0.05) increase in knowledge about prevention of sexual coercion, HIV/AIDS, sexual role/responsibility and assertiveness/communication skills at post-intervention testing

Also, being male, having good general self-efficacy, greater age and greater number of years of education significantly predicted a greater increase in skill acquisition. At 6 month follow-up, an appreciable number of adolescents were educated concerning various forms of topics, suggesting the ability of the adolescent to simulation of target behaviours.

Our findings suggest that skills training can effectively empower adolescents with regard to safe sexual practice.

IFE Psychologia (2003) 11(2), 34-52
AJOL African Journals Online